7 LinkedIn Post Tips: How to Get MORE Likes, Comments, Shares

I write lots approximately LinkedIn, due buy linkedin connections   to the fact that’s one of the foremost tools that my students and I use to land customers. It’s been pivotal in scaling my enterprise to six figures a yr. Keeping your profile active is vital to maximise your exposure and reach. But how do you do this? How do you create LinkedIn posts that people will really study, like, comment on, and percentage? Let’s dig into seven LinkedIn submit recommendations that’ll increase your page and take your engagement to the subsequent stage.

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7 LinkedIn Posts Tips to Amplify Your Engagement
Tip #1: Hook the reader in the first 3 strains.
By default, LinkedIn simplest shows the primary three strains of a post. Your connections are then required to click on the submit to extend it. This approach you want to grab their attention within those first 3 traces.

Do now not use some thing spammy or clickbaity. That’s no longer the idea. You will lose their believe, and they’ll simply prevent engaging with you. You usually want to be placing amazing content material obtainable — content material that makes you appearance excellent as a expert.

One way to technique that is to use something like a statistic or a sentence or supposed to get an emotional response. These are simple approaches to get their interest and pique their hobby.

Tip #2: Write in short paragraphs.
Giant blocks of text are honestly tough to read and that they’re not clean at the eyes. Plus, human beings tend to skim, in preference to analyzing phrase for phrase. So, you need to make your posts easier to skim.

Many of my “paragraphs” are one sentence. It’s less difficult to digest. Split your paragraphs up and your connections will locate your content extra fluid. I try this for all of my LinkedIn posts in addition to my blog posts.

On a rather related observe, every other simple manner to break up your textual content is to write components of it as a list. This is something I do a lot. It creates empty space within the submit, which makes it simpler to read. Here’s an instance.

LinkedIn submit suggestions the usage of lists
Tip #3: Break up

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